Sparki Controller and Programming Environment

Welcome to JSparks!

The super-fast-to-learn JavaScript-based programming environment for the Sparki robot

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No Frustration

No frustrating syntax errors. No frustrating C-style memory allocation/references. No "out of space" errors when uploading complex code. Use the full gamut of high-level JavaScript functions.

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Rapid Learning

Develop code by dragging and droping visual blocks across webpage. No recompilation. No hassle variable declaration and manipulation. Learn/teach a wide variety of programming concepts, including funtions, arrays/lists, loops, color blending, etc. Simulate your code before pushing it to Sparki.

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Plug Free

No more plugging in and unplugging Sparki to reprogram it. JSparks operates across Bluetooth, executing defined functions on the robot. Your Android device controls the logical steps of the code, providing live visual feedback for debugging. Code is pushed directly to your Android device across the Internet and can be created or updated anywhere.

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