Sparki Controller and Programming Environment

Hi, I'm Shane!

Questions, Comments, Concerns

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

For general questions, comments, concerns, and the like, please contact me on the ArcBotics Forums where I have username eski. A title involving "JSparks" will help me find it if you're posting a new topic! As of right now, I haven't set up a full issue tracking system, but may do so if this becomes popular enough. I work on this as one of several projects, so I will try to get to things as quickly as I can, but please understand that some may take me a while to address.

If you like this software and want to contribute to my unemployment fund, donations can be made via BitCoin to 1PAn1UMmBzJsKTJKKzAYCMoFmPtPgz4NGR or via PayPal at

About Me

Hey there, I'm Shane Connelly, and I wrote this whole thing. I live in San Francisco and recently left my job at a tech company to do get back to doing projects I love like this. Some of my past projects which I've made available can be found on my full website at I have a passion for building things, which was part of what drove me to create this -- that and I love teaching and learning (many of the concepts I worked through while creating this were new learning experiences to me as well).

I'm always excited to hear about projects and gigs others have going on, so if you have something interesting beyond the scope of this project, feel free to reach out to me personally. My full contact information and job history for those that care about such things are located in my CV, which can be found here.